Proud Match Sponsors of Cullompton Rugby Club's Derby Match

On January 28th, 2023, United Fixings had the honor of being the match sponsors for the highly anticipated derby match between Cullompton Rugby Club and Tiverton RFC. As a company deeply committed to supporting local communities and sports, we were delighted to contribute to this thrilling event. Our valued customers, along with their families, joined us for a memorable day filled with camaraderie, excitement, and unforgettable moments. Let's take a closer look at our role as match sponsors and the incredible hospitality experience we provided.

The derby match between Cullompton Rugby Club and Tiverton was a highlight of the rugby calendar, drawing fans from both teams and the local community. As match sponsors, we embraced the opportunity to celebrate the sport and support the dedicated players on the field. Our aim was to create an exceptional experience for our customers, allowing them to enjoy the game while building connections and making lasting memories.

Adrian and Bryn, representatives of United Fixings, hosted a warm and welcoming hospitality suite at Stafford Park. This dedicated space became a hub of excitement as guests gathered before the match. With delicious pre-match food and refreshing beverages, we ensured that our guests had the perfect start to their day. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as everyone shared their passion for rugby and engaged in lively conversations.

To enhance the experience, we provided our guests with an exclusive pitchside view of the match. The atmosphere was electric as the teams took to the field, and our customers and their families cheered on the players. From the intensity of the tackles to the thrill of the tries, being so close to the action amplified the excitement and created a fantastic experience for everyone in attendance.

At United Fixings, we value our customers deeply, and this event provided a unique opportunity to strengthen those connections. It was a pleasure to share this special day with our customers and their families, getting to know them on a more personal level beyond the business setting. We believe in fostering meaningful relationships, and the match sponsorship allowed us to deepen our connections within the local community.

Being involved in local sporting events is an essential part of our commitment to community spirit. By sponsoring the Cullompton Rugby Club's derby match, we showcased our support for grassroots sports and the hard work put in by athletes and volunteers. We believe that fostering a vibrant and thriving community starts with actively participating in events that bring people together.

United Fixings' role as the match sponsors for the Cullompton Rugby Club's derby match was a momentous occasion for us. We were proud to support the local sporting community, connect with our valued customers and their families, and create an extraordinary hospitality experience. The event exemplified our dedication to fostering community spirit and celebrating the passion for sports. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cullompton Rugby Club, the teams, and all those who joined us for this unforgettable day. Together, we continue champion local sports and build connections with the local community.