22mm Masonry Nail Pipe Clips White (Box 100)

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Also known in the trades as: Knock-On’s, Nailing Clips & Nail Clips

The nail clip provides a quick, one-piece fixing for cable, heating system pipes and tubing. It provides a flush fixing directly on to the surface of the substrate. It should not be used where pipes need ventilation or insulation; in this instance a stand-off pipe clip should be used. See pipe clip specification sheet.

Main Advantages & Benefits

  • The hardened pin enables the clip to be easily fixed to timber, light masonry & mortar, and using the Nail Plug can be fixed to all types of masonry. See nail plug specification sheet.

  • The clip body is very strong but is also flexible enough to accept a variation in pipe or cable size outside of its nominal size. See table below.​

  • The shoulder of the clip which holds the nail is reinforced with material to help withstand the hammer blow as the nail is driven home. Never use excessive force with the hammer when driving the nail into the clip body as the plastic will always come a poor second to a hammer, and will eventually fail.

  • Nail clips are available in a variety of colours to suit many different trades, applications and colours of pipe/cables. These colour options also include red (hot water) and blue (cold water) to indicate the content of the pipe rather than its colour. See table below. 

Fixing Method

Most nail clips will be fixed to timber joists in loft spaces or under floors. Although the nail holder will by definition direct the nail in the correct orientation, the nail should always be hammered home in a perpendicular direction and never at an angle. See nail plug specification sheet for use with nail plug. 

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