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Timco C2 trade case consists of the 9 of the most popular sizes of C2 screws and impacts bits to suit.

TIMco C2 Trade Case is a new improved case consisting of high quality multi-purpose screws.

The New TIMco Classic C2 has been re-engineered around the backbone of the TIMco classic, one of Europes largest selling Multi-purpose screws. Using the most modern manufacturing methods and design techniques, the C2 is a revolutionary high perfromance Multi-purpose screw.

• Positive Drive Recess
The TIMco C2 recess is manufactured using state of the art machinery, dies, and quality control procedures, giving a precise and positive drive control on every screw.

• Engineered Countersunk
The TIMco C2 countersinking ribs have been designed and positioned to sit under the countersinks of the ironmongery and hinges to give a smooth and flush finish and prevents plating and material damage.

• Twin-Cut Technology
The TIMco C2 is first in its category to offer parallel twin cut manufacturing technology; this patented method of manufacturing applies the cuts in excatly the same position and angle everytime. Using this technology our designers and enginers have developed a new generation in fasteners that gives a consistent and exceptional level of performance in multiple materials.

The case includes the following sizes:

3.5 x 16mm
3.5 x 25mm
4.0 x 30mm
4.0 x 40mm
4.0 x 50mm
5.0 x 60mm
5.0 x 70mm
5.0 x 80mm
5.0 x 100mm

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