Plumber - Bronze - Apprentice Kit

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  • Folding Utility Knife 60 x 19 x 0.6
  • Premium Pipe Shears 0 - 38mm
  • Claw Hammer - F/glass Handled 20oz
  • Screwdriver Set 9 Pieces
  • Scaffold Spirit Level 250mm
  • Water Pump Pliers 12"Inch
  • General Purpose Pliers Set 3pcs
  • Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Set 9pcs
  • Timco Radiator Keys Standard 2 PCS
  • BlueSpot Tools Pipe Slice 15mm
  • BlueSpot Tools Pipe Slice 22mm
  • Bahco 9031 Adjustable Wrench 218mm Extra Wide Jaw 38mm
  • Faithfull Adjustable Basin Wrench 6mm - 25mm
  • Faithfull Handled Half Round Second Cut Engineers File 200mm (8in)
  • Faithfull Hard Base Tool Bag 40cm (16in)
  • Pica DRY Longlife Automatic Pen GRAPHITE
  • Pica BIG DRY Refill-Set FOR ALL Graphite
  • Sealey Hacksaw 300mm
  • Tape Measure - 8M

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